So… this is my Portland blog! As you probably know, my main blog is Boner-Iver, but 2 1/2 weeks ago I moved up to Portland, from California where I was born and raised. And I figured it might be fun to document the most drastic change I’ve gone thru in my life- so far.

The original plan was that I was going to transfer from Humboldt State to Portland State for Environmental Studies, but literally about 2 weeks before I actually moved up here, my parents and I realized how stupid it would be to pay out-of-state tuition (which is about 4 times more than in-state). So we basically decided super last minute that I should just move up here and hang out for a year to get residency. I had to cancel my enrollment for the year, my on-campus housing I had already reserved, my loans and FAFSA all last minute. But it was worth it. I’m really glad we decided on this because I really do need a break from school. It will be a little bit of preparation for me to live in the ‘real world’ for a bit before I actually graduate and have to figure everything out on my own. 

So, I’ve basically just been looking for a job this whole time. I’ve got one that I’ll know for sure by Monday but it’s pretty much in the bag. I really hope I got this job, because job hunting is so fucking frustrating.

OH, and I’m here with Jon, he’s great =) He-of course- gets a job tHE DAY AFTER we get here. But good for him. It’s still so new and we’re still trying to figure things out, getting settled and all that- but it’s been so much fun already. So here it is- my Portland blog- Welcome