So I went to my first metal show last night

It was interesting / I like live metal more than I thought

Oh and also…


That’s been my only complaint about Portland so far…


Hanging out at Roscoe’s waiting for Jon to get off work, enjoying a sour beer. I went and turned in our move-in deposit to our new place today, so it’s set. Then I explored the area a bit, bought tamales from a lady selling them on a corner out of a cooler, and bought orange blossom water which I have wanted ever since we had that orange blossom lemonade at Ya Hala, the amazing Lebanese place that we’ve made our regular spot. Spent a while trying to find a liquor store, and now I’m fully stocked on alcohol for a while. Managed to navigate the busses here without looking anything up. I’m getting better and I’m pretty proud of myself for being able to do it.

Super excited to go out to the Hawthorne area tonight, get authentic Indian food for the first time, and succeed in getting super super birthday-drunk with my awesome guy. Things are good.


Stuff and things and such


I’m really starting to like my job and my coworkers and such

Going to turn in the rental agreement to our new place tomorrow. This shit is really happening. This is too good to be true for real. I’m so excited

Then hopefully we’re gonna check out Forest Park tomorrow- America’s largest city park. Also very excited

AND, my birthday is coming up YAY! ~23~ What a great birthday present to move into the most desirable area of Portland, that’s 10 blocks away from my job, with an awesome guy ;)

Things are goin pretty well if I do say so myself

I’m starting to like my job more and more now that I’m becoming more familiar with what I’m doing, and becoming more friendly with my coworkers. Everyone’s super cool and the fact that we just get to talk to each other about whatever we want the majority of the time is probably the best part.

And also, we found a place. We found a fucking place literally in the fucking HEART of Hawthorne. It is a room in a house though, but the lady seems super cool, and the house is awesome and, fuCK, the location is…. it just can’t get any better. I’m so excited. I’m beyond excited. This is gonna be so great.



Holy shit at my work if you go on the staff website and like take the quizzes they have set up, you can redeem points and get gift cards. I already have enough points to redeem $75 gift card and I only took like 7 little simple quizzes this rocks

Also we’re going to view an apartment on thursday in like a WAY cooler area of Portland, and I’m really excited for that because I’m like so fucking excited to move.

At the moment…

So basically right now Jon and I have pretty opposite work schedules so we’re being really unproductive in the shit we gotta get done, especially trying to look for a new place. Because the house we’re staying in is fucking miserable. Nothing exciting happening, but tomorrow’s Jon’s birthday. I have a couple little presents for him, and we might be going out tonight. 

My birthday is in 2 weeks. Hopefully things will be going more smoothly by then.


So… this is my Portland blog! As you probably know, my main blog is Boner-Iver, but 2 1/2 weeks ago I moved up to Portland, from California where I was born and raised. And I figured it might be fun to document the most drastic change I’ve gone thru in my life- so far.

The original plan was that I was going to transfer from Humboldt State to Portland State for Environmental Studies, but literally about 2 weeks before I actually moved up here, my parents and I realized how stupid it would be to pay out-of-state tuition (which is about 4 times more than in-state). So we basically decided super last minute that I should just move up here and hang out for a year to get residency. I had to cancel my enrollment for the year, my on-campus housing I had already reserved, my loans and FAFSA all last minute. But it was worth it. I’m really glad we decided on this because I really do need a break from school. It will be a little bit of preparation for me to live in the ‘real world’ for a bit before I actually graduate and have to figure everything out on my own. 

So, I’ve basically just been looking for a job this whole time. I’ve got one that I’ll know for sure by Monday but it’s pretty much in the bag. I really hope I got this job, because job hunting is so fucking frustrating.

OH, and I’m here with Jon, he’s great =) He-of course- gets a job tHE DAY AFTER we get here. But good for him. It’s still so new and we’re still trying to figure things out, getting settled and all that- but it’s been so much fun already. So here it is- my Portland blog- Welcome